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You say "Bitch" like it's a bad thing...

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May 26th, 2005

04:57 pm
Dear Ex-Husband,

I know that I will be more tactful when I finally do get around to answering you. I will be the text book example of diplomacy.
Yes, it sure is a pity that your romance with what's her name, whom I don't know and don't care to know, failed. Wasn't this the woman you were trying to rush to the alter, which is why *I* had to get my act together and finish filing the divorce papers? Much like our marriage this was something that I did all the work and payment for in order to make things happen.
However, what I really want to say to you is, tell someone who FUCKING cares!
Now you miss me? Now you appreciate all the 'times' we had together? It's obvious that you might actually think that I've been waiting around for this 'happy news'. Please don't tell me that you have some remote idea in your head that I might even want you back!
I mean you treated me like shit, made me feel like any problem between us was 'all in my head' or entirely my fault for YEARS.
You acted like an asshole, and then made an already stressful situation worse, when I ended up having to call the police who recommended I 'leave immediately' because of how irratic you were behaving. I don't ever want to have to call 911, or order someone out of my house with a broom and a pair of pinking shears as my weapons, AGAIN.
This after I was enough of a human being to stick around months after I told you it was over, because I was not going to be THAT WOMAN. I was not going to leave you with a stack of bills because in my mind that was just not honorable. NOW, you want to be my friend? NO FUCKING WAY IN THIS UNIVERSE.
NO ONE. And I mean NO ONE. Has EVER. Made me feel so TERRIBLE, FRIGHTENED, or MISUNDERSTOOD AND ABUSED, then YOU!!!!! NO ONE EVER WILL AGAIN! I still have our wedding band as a toe ring, just so I can ritualisticly walk all over you the same way I let you walk all over me for way too long. I don't ever think of you foundly. Yes, it wasn't all bad. But, I was done with you when I left PA and I sure as hell don't want to have anything but the most peripheral contact with you. I wish you no ill. I'm over all of that shit now. How dare you come to me expecting kinship or balm for your heart wounds! You forfited all of that years ago.
Current Mood: annoyedannoyed

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May 12th, 2005

07:17 pm - long time lurker, first time poster...
Oh wait. Maybe not...heh...

I just wanna say hi to the community. My issues and problems and worries and insecurities are too innumerable for one post. They just might be too innumerable for two hundred and eight posts.

But I'm very opinionated and I'm a bitch!! So I should fit right into the community, right?!?

And since I'm on antibiotics right now, can I ask a question of the moderators? Is the community just bitchy/venting/help me with relationships or can it be girly bodily TMI things to share thoughts about as well?

When I think of where to start and how to word something appropriately, I've got some things on my mind weighing me down that I'll most likely share here.

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May 9th, 2005

05:49 pm - Hi there
So I'm Spammy McSpamsalot today in here, or I will be with one more post.

This one isn't friends-locked, for those of you watching the community who haven't joined yet.

Since most of the posts here are friends-only, we encourage you to JOIN the community, rather than simply friending it. To join, simply click on "Join the community" in the info page.


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